Quidjibo delivers flexible async background jobs for .NET applications.

Why Quidjibo?

We created Quidjibo to add background worker infrastructure with ease. We wanted a lightweight engine and an unobtrusive client with an easy-to-use programming model that grows with your project--Quidjibo delivers.


Simple Organized Code

  • Commands to define the work
  • Handlers to perform the work
  • Client to publish or schedule the commands
  • Extensible, pluggable, and fun


Publish one-time messages to execute on the first available worker. Offload work to the background of your current application or scale out to dedicated workers.

Cron Jobs

Create recurring jobs to run on your terms. Built-in cron helpers cover many of your scheduling needs. Cron tab syntax allows for a plethora of scheduling options.


Simple cascading jobs lets you keep business logic focused and readable. Instead of nesting workers to call more workers, pull the workflow up to make your code and intentions clear to colleagues and future you.

Pluggable Infrastructure

  • SQL Server
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Support for Popular DI frameworks
  • Create your own pluggable

Open Source

Contribute to the fun or just poke around to see what makes it go.