Pluggable Infrastructure

Quidjibo provides built-in support for Azure, AWS, and third party libraries

SQL Server

SQL Server integration offers a quick way to add Quidjibo to any project. Optimized queries turn your SQL Server into an efficient queue.

Need more throughput?

We have some good starting points for multiple cloud infratructue components.

  • Azure - ServiceBus
  • AWS - SQS

SQL? No thank you!

Quidjibo was designed to swap out infrastructure components. Rather than use SQL Server feel free to swap out components with several packaged implementations. Quidjibo provides simple interfaces for you to implement as you so desire.

Dependency Injection

Whether you are DI novice or a diehard supporter of a particular library, Quidjibo welcomes many different flavors packaged for you. If DI is not your thing, that is ok too. Just make sure you use an empty default constructor on your handlers.


Simple integration with Autofac is as easy as registering a module.

Microsoft Dependency Injection Extensions

Plug into the new Microsoft DI extensions.

Simple Injector

Register Quidjibo with our simple extension method.

Structure Map

Add some Quidjibo to the StructureMap registry, you will be off and running.